Friday, March 14, 2008

The fancy French guy and the broke-down guy

This is too good. Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert return to the line, cooking sweating, and sipping tequila. I love Bourdain's self-deprecating voice here, and the fancy-pants, "I don't cook" portrait he paints of Ripert, "Eric cooks like most big boys of his caliber these days, meaning... not much. He tastes. He conceptualizes. He creates." So true to a comment once made by ChefX, who used to work at Le Bernardin.

Though Monday night at RestoX comes nothing close to being this busy, the video really captures the energy, the rhythm, and dynamic between the staff at the heat of service in a professional kitchen: "No matter how many people you cook for, no matter how fast, more will take their place. You have to keep swimming, swimming, and swimming upstream."


Anonymous said...

How exciting. I never "worked the line" before, but did observe. This bring me back to when I worked service, I felt so tired but SO exhilarated each time the place closed. Once, I had so much energy that I walked home after closing & cleanup (I lived in Bklyn Hts and the place was on Grand St.)

How do you feel after a busy night?


Undercover Cook said...

MF, I've yet to work a crazy busy night - Mondays are usually just steady busy. That said, even at that pace, it's a pure adrenaline rush. Exhilarated is exactly how I would describe the feeling after service. And maybe accomplished and proud - a bit like how you would feel after finishing a challenging race.