Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the crapolas

In the shits.
Back pain.
Achy hands.

So why do I look forward to doing this another day???

I look at my daily prep list and it looks like mission impossible, but my garde manger supervisor insists I can do it all by myself if I really push it. I really believe I'm pushing it all the time, but the rate at which chefs move is on a whole different caliber. I just don't get it. Maybe tomorrow I will. Yes, tomorrow I will! I learned something new today - that while I tend to focus on only the task at hand and doing it well, the other chefs are planning their next move and going through the motions of that move in their heads. It's a weird balanace because last week I tried to multi-task and got scoled for not focusing. So I guess you must focus physicallly on the task at hand, but multi-task in your mind. Much more stressful. We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow's another day...


Anonymous said...

i dig your blog, but being in dan's kitchen is the beginning of blowing your anonymity( at least with the ny crowd, right?)

Undercover Cook said...

Hello anon,
Yes, this anonymity is rather awkward now that I've quit my job. It was "Undercover" for the purpose of being discreet with the co-workers and my boss, and also to protect the I.D. of ChefX and RestoX. I've been wondering if I should change the name. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

i had to laugh at the absurdity of my anonymous post that specifically questioned your anonymity. the name works, let it ride, chef.