Thursday, April 17, 2008

Silent workers

{ The staff at Le Bernardin }

I just wanted to share a blog post I came across by Michael Laiskonis. Laiskoniks is the executive pastry chef at Le Bernardin, and his blog provides an informative look into the thoughts and musings of a 4-star restaurant chef.

When I saw this post, I was really happy and relieved to see someone of this caliber actually recognize and celebrate the silent workers behind the scenes. I felt relieved on behalf of Lupe, Segundo, Ben, Chiquito, Adam and of course the new sous chef Raj. These are the people that make the restaurant industry tick – they’re the backbone of any four-star restaurant in the city. And you can be assured that these are the people who do what they do for the pure love of cooking/baking, not for celebrity or pretense.

For me, these are the guys that make enrich my experience at RestoX. I admire their consistency, their humble mindset, their kindness and generosity, and of course their seemingly-natural cooking intuitions. If you ask any of them if they’d rather be doing something else, they’ll tell you no way. They love cooking and that’s it. There’s something to this – to working with people who do what they love in such a simple and uncomplicated way.

I want this, too. I’m determined to simplify my life. To be contented with little and to feel good about what I do, even if it’s just creating a single dish that will bring a smile to someone’s face. Just leave me with my cookbooks and some good ingredients to prepare and share with others, and I shall be the happiest girl around.