Thursday, February 21, 2008

Muesli mush

I love mushy food. Korean pumpkin porridge, my mom's pine nut porridge, steel-cut oatmeal, ragouts, soup-soaked rice, and muesli mush. My friend C. in Bonn made this for me with amazing European-quality yogurt and muesli, and a local honey made by a family friend. She she shredded the apples into it, but I prefer them julienned for a crispy to contrast with the mushy. This is may sound gross, but I tend to like it even better the next day when the muesli is extra-mushy from having soaked up all the moisture.

Recipe: Muesli mush
1 cup good quality organic yogurt (Greek or any other creamy, fine quality yogurt)
1/4 cup muesli mix (you can usually find this in the dry bins of health food stores)
1/4 favorite crispy apple shredded, diced or julienned (pears and cantaloupe are good, too)
Drizzle of good raw honey to taste

Large pinch of slivered almonds, pistachios or chopped hazelnuts (toasted or raw)
Dash of cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients together and add a little dash of cinnamon if desired. Ta-da! You have muesli mush.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of mushy food...
Have you ever tried hot granola? I've been making this every morning for the past 4 months (good with cold milk too, but you'll find it very crunchy)

Granola with hemp seed
very HOT milk (I use 2%)
Dried fruit (I use sweet cherries)
1 mashed ripe banana

1) In a bowl, add granola with hemp seed and add dried fruit
2) Heat milk and pour half of it into the bowl of granola/dried fruit mix
3) Stir and let sit till granola gets soft (mushy)
4) in a separate bowl mash ripe banana and add to the hot mixture
5) add remaining hot milk to reheat the food

I use enough milk to turn this into a soup/porridge consistency. The hemp seed adds a bit of texture.


Undercover Cook said...

MF, this looks right up my alley of mushy comfort food, which all your food seems to be. I partlicularly like the idea of a mashed up banana.